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Dr. William Rassman says that using Propecia while trying to have a baby is generally safe, but he still typically advises his patients to stop taking the drug for a 2-week cycle while attempting to conceive. He notes Propecia's short half life, the fact that the drug is out of the bloodstream within 24 hours, and. In general I believe it's worth the risk. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but keep in mind that less than 5% of patients that take Finasteride even report side effects at all, and even then only a small group of them feel the side effects that are significant enough to stop taking it. And, of the small amount that do.

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With all the recent advancements and the new treatments coming out in the next 5 years, would it still be worth it to risk side effects and take Slow Hair Loss, Have Perscription For finasteride, Worth Taking. Having done my research it seems Propecia is the only way to go. However I'm not a fan of taking any kind of drugs, particularly one with such bad sides. Has anyone honestly taken this drug with no sides?29 year old male - My Finasteride Story - Worth the read.

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