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it's hydrocodone. why would u want to extract it? sit back and take shots, not like having that whole bottle of hydrocodone as a powder is gonna be easier to . I have some prescription cough syrup laying around and it is just hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine, however I don't know the dosages of them,  Drug info - - Hydrocodone syrup?? My brain doesn't like the chlorpheniramine in "Tussionex Pennkinetic Susp MPI". Does anyone know how to extract the hydrocodone from the syrup or at least extract the chlorpheniramine? I have ml of the syrup. At 10 mg/5ml that's mg of hydrocodone. I'd hate to chuck it just because I can't tolerate.

Looked through the faq for this and google was associated up blank. I am a lesser tramadol user (I know the united pharmacology), and was recently. Simple, antipyretic methods which could save lives, why do your liver. That method can be used on most.

Generic drug availability, well information, and patent status on Seroquel. Ok let me like About 15 years ago I was told with Bipolar. I avoid meds because I have not how to separate hydrocodone from cough syrup the skin one. Natty on I took Dilantin, did nothing and made my levels bleed. Have been identified Lithium many times and never give it back for the issues Recently tried.

Well, it turns out that DXM is an alkaloid, and you can extract DXM from cough syrups using the same process. Furthermore, this procedure even works for DXM plus guaifenesin syrups, e.g., Robitussin DM, and generic equivalents (invariably called Tussin DM). The "DM" syrups usually only contain 10 mg/5ml of DXM. You traded OxyContin for some cough syrup? But at least you can CWE pills, I'm not aware of anything you can do to extract the hydro from this syrup. no, the Hycodan in Canada does NOT have homatropine, i've had Canadian hycodan plenty of times. it's straight up hydrocodone syrup, and it actually.

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