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Can you tell me just for my own piece of mind is it more likely that my headaches are in fact rebound headaches or that the meds are raising my BP and that's why I'm getting them. I am asking because I have high BP and am on meds for that and the last time I was getting headaches like this was cause my. However several years ago, when I was first injured, I tried taking Percodan or Percocet, can't remember which, but as a result had severe migraines. With me the headaches went away after time or with ibuprofen which seems strange because obviously the opiates are much stronger,but since they're the.

BPH ranks percocet give me a headache your prostate. 5 Inhibitors - Posted in: pain - Passion: First of all what are you very it for, second if it's causing you pain. I am almost 6 hours post op. Bug Thursday (1227) I had my current teeth pulled. The Dr. deregistered me IC Hydrocodone BT-IBU (factorial for Vicoprofen) for pain.

Does this happen to anyone? I am taking oxycotin and have a headache for the last week. Could the pills make me have a bad headache? But the thing is I was taking oxycodone for 2 years and never had one fom that. Just woundering since that is the only diff drug I have taken by the way it is 40 mg of the. I have a couple of guesses: A migraine specialist once told me that opiates actually make headaches worse (though I'm not sure why); Percocet contains Tylenol. If you take enough Tylenol, you'll start to get “rebound headaches” when the Tylenol wears off. In my book, any drug can cause any side effect at any time.

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