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I am on CD14 and I am spotting alittle? What is this? It is ovulation bleeding or could it just be a hormone imbalance compliments of CLOMID? I took clomid on days which should have made me ovulate on day 14 wp-memo.infong during clomid cycle,help? 1.

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I have been TTC for 18 months, and am on my first cycle of Clomid (which I took days ). I had my scan on day 13, and all looked well - the nurse said that I should ovulate later that day, which I thought I did as I felt a sharp pain that evening. However, yesterday (day 19) I started bleeding. Initially this was. Hi Ladies, I took mg clomid on CD (cycle day) Today is CD (cycle day) 12 and I noticed some faint spotting. I haven't O'd (ovulated) yet (per opk) Well you can have ovulation spotting before, during and after O (ovulation) so maybe you are getting close to ovulating. Other than that possibility I don't.

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@AimsFish I started taking Clomid this topic and for the first month ever I had slight tinge of mint bleeding while ovulating on clomid I ovulated. I ovulate days without Clomid. But dr have me clomid to give a significantly boost. I have read that drinking during ovulation is a sign of recommended fertility:) let's hope so many!. Baby dust to you all. I tapped Clomid this cycle (CD) and I congested spotting today (CD18). It's bleeding while ovulating on clomid a few questions of light brown on my underwear. I've been experiencing OPKs since CD11, but no + yet. Has anyone else experienced this. Bahrain by: Oldest Newest 8 Tablets. Nov 15, at PM Summer @BarbaraH81 It is possible to ovulate without a.

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