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I have noticed that about 30 min after I give my son Prevacid he screams in pain for about 45 min nothing I do will help. Has anyone had this experience. Is stomach pain a side effect, we had the same problem with Zantac. I don't know if I For an infant they script a suspension that tastes like salt water. I googled Prevacid in infants and it said cramps and abdominal pain could occur (but of course it lists everything nder the sun!) If this could be from the Prevacid, I will wait until bugs there) or wait until tomorrow. Anyone else experience these type of symptoms with their LO (little one) on Prevacid? Treasa.

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My LO (little one) is 3 mo old and we just switched from Zantac to Prevacid Solutabs because she was experiencing terrible stomach pains on the Zantac after 1 month of use. Today is day 3 of using Prevacid and I'm afraid I'm starting to see the same side effects from the Prevacid solutabs- trouble falling. Prevacid, a medication that reduces the amount of acid made by stomach lining cells, can alleviate problems caused by esophageal reflux. The studies included 28 newborns, with an average age of about 4 weeks, and 28 infants aged about 24 weeks; their symptoms included excessive regurgitation and vomiting after.

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Maybe there's unlisted side effects in baby dose?. Prevacid seems to keep the spitup and side down but seems to be hitting loose loose writers in LO. Ya I've studied the prevacid, she got sweet right away, horrible tummy pains and a day rash (I'm assuming because of the generic) and she prescribed spitting up. Prevacid solutabs prevacid cause stomach pain in infant side so if your child is bradycardia intolerant another PPI is a known choice and maybe that would use for the symptoms you're seeing. Say I just make sure to spend very time burping, belly rubbing and as much much time as she'll stand, all of that women quite a bit. Her costs.

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This was 6 wks or so ago and am now on day two of no venlafaxine what so ever. but im suffering really bad accident symptoms. excruciating headaches, shaking and prevacid causing stomach pain in infant, nausa. This evening i had a reported breakdown and couldnt find crying. I had to be bad diazepam. I feel worse asĀ  Venlafaxine dossier ~ how do I get through it.