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Its culinary traditions, particularly Creole and Cajun cooking, are the basis of many restaurants and homes, each with its own unique recipes and stories. While there are multiple variations of the same dishes, their individual histories dating back years are as distinct as their flavors. They reflect the complexity of colonization, staying true to ancestral roots, and the constant exchange of ideas and lifestyles. Cajun cuisine includes heavy seasoning, along with salt and smoke as a way to preserve meats back when refrigeration was not an option. As a result, delicious pork based sausages such as boudin and andouille sausages were made. The beauty of Creole cuisine is its ability to bring together different backgrounds while highlighting their individualism at the same time. For example, while red beans and rice is a Caribbean influenced food, the tradition of serving it with a side of pork comes from the Christian practice of using leftover pork from Sunday dinners.

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And when we are done at the end of a hard shift, we like to head for pleasurable cuisines inspired by exotic places like Thailand and Vietnam, but we all have a healthy respect and love for the ingredients from South Louisiana. Maypop the plant is a wild vine that is purely Southern United States so even in the name of his new spot; Chef Gulotta did not stray far from his roots. Chef Michael Gulotta is a family-type guy at all levels. His brother, Jeff, is the food and beverage manager who does a masterful job of selecting wines and cocktails at their wildly successful first solo effort, Mopho near City Park.

You need to get a beignet and it might as well be at Café De Monde, which is a New Orleans landmark dating back to Today, Café Du Monde is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week — only closed on Christmas Day and during the occasional hurricane.

Chris Giocondo for American Blues Scene: Where did the band meet? Bon Bon Vivant includes members: Glori and Abigail are sisters who grew up singing together in California. In , Abigail met Jeremy, and the two started dating and playing music together in Los Angeles. The six united to form Bon Bon Vivant. Their first show together was a performance during Fringe Festival in New Orleans. Bon Vivant is French for someone who lives well and enjoys the finer things. What large venues has the band played?

Has the band opened or played with any larger acts? Is there anything coming up for the band that you would want to share? The band is currently touring the east coast, which started in Boston, en route back to New Orleans.

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But then nothing is ordinary about New Orleans. Long departed voodoo priestess Marie Laveau is a local celebrity, deceased though she may be. Or so the legend goes. People flock from far and wide to uncover more about this misunderstood and hugely secretive ancient African religion, for which Marie Laveau is undoubtedly the poster girl.

The New Orleans Police Department’s response to incidents of domestic violence and violations of domestic violence related court orders shall stress enforcement of the law to protect the victim and hold accountable criminal offenders.

Now on the tee: Jazz Fest, a day celebration of music, food and crafts. Schedule a mid-morning arrival into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, then head east on Interstate 10 in your rental car—with a crucial lunch stop before you hit town. A sauce of garlic, butter and herbs pairs with a sprinkling of Parmesan and Romano cheeses and then the whole oyster, shell and all, finds a hot grill.

Louis and Royal Streets in the heart of the French Quarter. Known for its wrought-iron balconies and Rib Room restaurant, the Omni Royal Orleans was built on the site of the legendary St. Louis hotel that dated to the early s. As for the first dinner in the city? Try to get a downstairs table, where all of Old New Orleans seems to meet and greet.

New Orleans is a relatively small urban center, but is surrounded by the swamp lands of southern Louisiana. The Bayou and Lake Pontchartrain are both great options for exploring the waterways around the city, as is a steamboat trip along the Mississippi River. Try the java the traditional way, Au Lait, mixed half and half with hot milk. The yard, par-3 13th is particularly evocative, with its backdrop of the Holy Names of Jesus Church and buildings from Tulane and Loyola Universities, plus marvelous specimens of gnarled oaks.

Best of all, Audubon Park looks and acts like a park should.

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Report: Nike Nearly Dropped Colin Kaepernick In A report from the New York Times says the company nearly released Kaepernick from his contract after he went unsigned by NFL teams in

New Orleans recap below. Also, Pride meets a family member he never knew existed. It was Wade that told the sheriff they should call Pride. Pride agreed to pass the case of the four dead and his missing father onto NCIS and once they took over the investigation they tested the blood they found at the scene. There was evidence that someone had walked away from the carnage and so the blood gave told them who that was.

It matched James Edwin Boyd. The team called Pride to tell him that they were going to the house to most likely arrest his father and he wanted to come with. Pride hated his father and so he wanted to be there to arrest him however the team went to the house and were practically ambushed. They had to fight their way past another proud member of the white Nationalists only to tied Cassius tied to a chair and beaten up.

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SO this place was ok. Felt like it was kinda loud, but college football was on and the fans were so excited.. The food here was delicious. Very tasty and enjoyable. One of the challenges was that It’s one of the oldest U.

(CNN) — New Orleans is a city that shares a storied multigenerational love of food, family and community that transcends spur-of-the-moment trends. Blending Creole and Cajun traditions with.

New Orleans recap below. Pride fights for his life in the ICU, and the team scours the city for the hit woman who attempted to assassinate him. She had waited for him to from the balcony and then used the opportunity to shoot Pride several times. Amelia then tried to get away cleanly only LaSalle walked in before she fled.

Amelia was forced to jump off the balcony in her bid to get away and so LaSalle eventually gained on her. She had tried to turn around to shoot at him and he had returned fire yet he had only gotten her the once. Amelia was able to steal a car and flee the scene however LaSalle had at least known who he and his team were going to be tracking. They had rushed Pride to the hospital and Wade had gone with him while the others had stayed behind to investigate. They took bullets casings and had even called into NCIS headquarters to see what they could find out about Amelia.

Amelia, as it happens, had had more than one reason to shoot Pride. The team also learned that Amelia worked with the CIA as a freelancer.

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Christian Miller April 8, , 8 a. It came from the hospital. It was a distraught woman. She was saying she had been raped. She told Williams a familiar story of French Quarter trespass:

NEW ORLEANS—It was a.m. on a Tuesday in September when sex crimes Detective Derrick Williams caught the call. It came from the hospital.

A place where tourists can be found waiting in lines for beignets at all hours. And where Mondays are reserved for red beans and rice, and the simple bell pepper, onion and celery are upheld as the Holy Trinity of all delicious things. The come-as-you-are attitude is a rare, charming specialty of this coastal byway that continues to romance travelers and lure new residents every day. It would be impossible to take in everything the city has to offer in one visit, but for those looking to dig into a plate of New Orleans’ best, start with these restaurants from Chase, Lagasse, Link and Compton when you travel here: Dooky Chase’s Restaurant What began as a humble sandwich and lottery corner shop transformed into the local fixture of organization for the civil rights movement.

After owners Leah Chase and her husband, Dooky, took over his father’s Treme storefront, Dooky Chase’s became one of the first African-American owned fine dining restaurants in America.

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Exhibits give visitors perspective on the history of slavery and sugarcane farming at the plantation, as well as a glimpse into a 19th century blacksmith shop and a Civil War military tent. One of the oldest plantations in the area, Destrehan is also one of the closest — just a half hour drive from New Orleans.

Francisville, LA ; is the largest plantation house in the Feliciana Parishes. The plantation is the work of William Ruffin Barrow, whose family may have built more plantations in Louisiana than any other single family. Greenwood Plantation is open daily for tours from Houmas House Plantation and Gardens First it was the happy hunting ground of the Houma Indians, who sold the land to French settlers in the mid s.

New Orleans is a romantic city. If rekindling or stoking the flame of passion is your goal, selecting the hotel is an important part of the process. The city has endless accommodation options, but.

They arrived in a city where previous Italian immigrants had already established a decent-sized community, dating back to the French era. In fact, the Italian-born Henri de Tonti, as part of a French expedition, explored Louisiana even before New Orleans existed and later became a leader in the fledgling colony. A street named Tonti still exists in the city.

Background As their populations grew in New Orleans, the Italians created iconic social clubs and benevolent organizations. The oldest group began before the Civil War, but more and more formed with the wave of Sicilian immigrants during the last part of the 19th century. These organizations were often linked to a specific region in Italy to preserve customs among members and helped provide a support network for new arrivals.

Tension particularly existed between them and the Irish, who immigrated decades earlier and were more established in the city. In , many New Orleanians blamed the murder of a Police Chief David Hennessey on Italian immigrants, and over a hundred men were arrested in a sweep, but most were soon released. After a trial of several suspects led to acquittals, a mob stormed the jail and murdered eleven Italians.

The lynchings made news worldwide, and pressure from Italy led the US government to pay reparations to the families of the murdered. Cuisine and Culture Over the decades, however, Italians became integrated into New Orleans culture and society.

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Fire destroyed it, while in New Orleans, on September 4, Leathers, at Crayfish Bayou, and ran from to It was built in Cincinnati, Ohio, Leathers sold it in It was abandoned in Leathers operated it from to

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Born in Chicago, Mac served as a major in the USMC, serving in both the Beirut barracks bombing and Operation Desert Storm , once saying that he had wanted to serve his country more than anything else in the world. Mac lost his wife, Claire, in the World Trade Center attacks , dates occasionally, and eventually proposes to an old friend, Christine Whitney, in the series finale. She often speaks before she thinks, leading to numerous complaints being made against her by those suspected of crimes.

Growing up in a family under surveillance Danny formulated his own set of hybrid ethics, blending the world of lawbreakers with the world of lawmakers. He is driven by ethics and one day hopes to run the New York crime lab, at one point taking a promotion to sergeant to put him on track to do so. He develops a romantic relationship with Lindsay Monroe. In the first season she is the newest member of the CSI team, but is just as capable as any of them.

She is fired from the crime lab after considering planting evidence on a rape suspect. Aiden goes on to apply for a private investigator’s license and continues to investigate this suspect. She is fatally beaten and set on fire as a result, leaving the entire team devastated. During her murder she was able to leave behind enough evidence to convict her killer.

He was a child prodigy who graduated from college at age 18 and was a board-licensed surgeon by the age of 24 and had several years experience in the emergency room. He left surgery because the pain of losing two patients was too intense. His techniques are borderline yet effective.

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There are many reasons visitors keep coming back to New Orleans but our fabulous food is always at the top of every list. It is impossible to think of New Orleans without talking about its food. Visitors and locals alike can dine at the finest restaurants in the world, many located in the historic French Quarter and most in walking distance from our great downtown hotels or just a streetcar or buggy ride away.

Others offer the more spicy Cajun version of some of these same dishes but use some added Louisiana spices.

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Kennedy — there are numerous problems with the claims that form the “big picture” of their book. While the authors hardly go out of their way to emphasize the New Orleans aspect of their theory, it is nothing less than crucial to their “follow the guns” scenario, and it relies almost wholly on the convictions of “an American original” 2 –that “flamboyant” 3 but “frequently pilloried former New Orleans DA Jim Garrison.

On the other hand, the La Fontaines note, “Only the Camp Street building” 13 — where Garrison suspect Guy Banister had an office, and where the authors theorize Oswald used an office on the second floor 14 — “can put Oswald in the company of other ‘conspirators. Later, as we’ll see,” the authors write,” even after he was back in Dallas According to the La Fontaines, if there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F.

Kennedy, only “one group” 25 could have been responsible for involving Oswald — in whatever capacity he was involved — and that group is the DRE. The seizure of the cache — according to the La Fontaines — was a “turning point” 30 “in the eyes of the extremist CIA, Mafia, and Cuban exile elements — the incident that finally convinced this alliance of convenience that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was hopelessly ambivalent, a condition for which a permanent solution was required.

Banister will be discussed shortly; first let’s look at the DRE. Bringuier was then one of those whom Oswald debated on WDSU radio, a debate that resulted from publicity generated by the Canal Street incident. For Oswald to have learned of the DRE arms cache through his association with Carlos Bringuier, the following three things must be true: