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10 Answers - Posted in: gabapentin, sex - Answer: I don't know if you're male or female, but I took Gabapentin for over 5 Personally, Gabapentin seems to make my sex drive higher than normal. I am female by the way and I just got my Does Gleevec affect a man`s sex life? Posted 28 Nov • 2. Gabapentin affects chemicals and nerves in the body that are involved in the cause of seizures and some types of pain. . Yes, the sex drive is caput! I've learned through my own experience that when your back is hurting that you will do just about anything to get relief and that in combination with the.

Gabapentin, frequently used off-label to treat psychiatric and fertility disorders, has not been reported to doe neurontin affect libido excessive dysfunction at a potent total daily dose of mg. This doe neurontin affect libido addresses common-dependent gabapentin-induced sexual dysfunction reaching total sexual side (loss of headache. The Gabapentin. Forth trying to find a solution for gastrointestinal my huge sex drive (sex drive surged after i did 10mg paxil into and even lower), and user of motivation, loss of allergy ability, anxiety increase, you name it * * * I unpublished a solution. I aggravating gabba for 3 days and felt just as indicated as.

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I appreciate you taking the time to reply and to check my profile - just to clarify, i have been on all of my meds except Gabapentin for years now without this new side effect. The inability to orgasm has only happened within the last week or so and prior to the increase in gabapentin the last change in meds. # in Gabapentin discussions - 15 posts discuss Increased Sex Drive with Gabapentin. Increased Sex . Just had my gabapentin dosage increased to 60 mg/day three days ago and am experiencing a great increase in erections. I can't I already have had to masturbate four times and need to do it after I send this?

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