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Piercing on accutane; what can actually go wrong? Hi, i want to get my ear pierced(like a regular piercing). besides taking longer for it to heal fully, in the long run what can actually go wrong? READ MORE. So.. I have been wanting to get my ears pierce for a while and now that im 18 I can get them pierce!! yay! But right now Im on accutane and Im not sure if I should get them pierce or wait 4 months for my treatment to be over.. Im only on the first month:(  Ear piercing after accutane.

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So I know that piercings are advised against while on accutane. I'm about months in.. Just recently switched from 20 mg a day to I really. I started accutane last week (currently on day 7, 40mg once a day). I got my nipple pierced last June and it's been very slowlyyyyy healing ever.

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