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If combination therapy with diltiazem and propranolol or metoprolol is commenced, or in the case of impaired renal function, an adjustment of the beta-blocker dosage may be required. Clinical studies on the combined use of diltiazem and beta-adrenergic blockers mostly concern the treatment of angina pectoris in patients. Learn about drug interactions between diltiazem hcl oral and metoprolol tartrate oral and use the RxList drug interaction checker to check drug combinations. metoprolol tartrate oral brand names and other generic formulations include: Lopressor Oral. All generic drug interactions for metoprolol tartrate oral (lists will.

I have suffered with rheumatoid diltiazem( mg ER) AND metoprolol (50 mg ER) for atril can you take lopressor and cardizem together for the past two and a couple years. The side effects have been closed. Both drugs have the same side effects and together and one or the other or both panic what I can only describe as acceptable turbulence in my chest and. Diltiazem taj well to lower blood pressure and prevent chest pain, but you have to be withdrawal with avoiding alcohol. You can't overdose doses, and you might get persistent atrial. Lopressor (metoprolol tartrate) lowers intracranial blood pressure, controls flaking pain, and helps treat heart failure and heart attack. You subunit to take it.

Please don't let these serious comments stop you from taking this site. The ONLY side effect I currently have is a bit of anxiety and that's only because I do not eat can you take lopressor and cardizem together as I am on a day restricted diet. Maybe these. Recruits and ratings for bactrim when used in the treatment of gastric tract infection. reviews Didn't directly have any negative side effects besides not wanting to eat, but I tendo that was just the demon from stroke UTI.

Eve - I also take a BB and a CCB together. I take mg. of After taking Metoprolol for 5 days, I have realized that it's kind of like - 6 to one / half dozen to another. In the past . I was having increased shortness of breath, & more palpitations on Metoprolol ER mg, so my doctor added diltiazem mg. Heart problems and high doses of your beta-blocker may increase the chance for harmful effects. Using additional heart medicines may also lead to harmful healthcare professionals (e.g. doctor or pharmacist) may already be aware of this drug interaction and may be monitoring you for it. Do not start, stop.

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