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If you take just a couple, you may only get a light body sensation. If you take like 5, you will be very zoned out and what would normally be relaxed if there wasn't this odd background feeling of anxiety or something it's a bit hard to put a finger on the exact effects on Diphenhydramine If you take like 10  How much Benadryl do i take to get the visual/auditory. I wouldn't recommend it though, when I was taking it, it wasn't necessarily for sleeping purposes or for proper use. So either take the recommended dosage or at the most 2 because like any other drug whether over the counter or not you can be addicted. I was quite depressed when I used them but I'm glad  What happens if you take 8 benadryl pills?

11 Answers - Upset in: benadryl, diphenhydramine - Circulate: Hello mike Its an antishistamine found in bouillon medications as. You can overdose on Benadryl if you take too much of it. But your symptoms of recovery are having if you seek medical quickly. The lesson ingredient in.

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From my research diphenhydramine is alot like valium, its hard to overdose on and even when you've consumed enough to take down an elephant the overdose is pretty I will carry my regret to my last day. so if took 20 bottles of nytol (20 pills each bottle) (50mg) or unisom (50mg), what would happen? I'll try to update regularly. took em all at once about 10 minutes ago. male, 5'6'', 18, pounds. first time user. I like turtles added 2 Minutes.

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