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Also, if you really did throw up two minutes after taking as in seconds after you swallowed that pill, and you threw up a lot - I would probably take it again. But if you can go on til your next dose, then better safe than sorry. I take Diclectin cause I'm in Canada. It's safer than Zofran (apparently that's 3rd. Waiting to hear from my doctor because I cannot keep the dissolvable ones down. If you throw it up instantly (less than a minute after taking), do you take another, or has it already gotten into your system? Are Morning Sickness Drugs Zofran and Diclegis Safe?vomiting still while on zofran - September Babies | Forums.

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Precautions While Using Zofran ODT. Check with your doctor if severe nausea and vomiting continue after leaving the hospital or cancer treatment center. Do not use this medicine if you are receiving apomorphine (Apokyn®). Using these medicines together may increase risk for more serious problems. This medicine may. What If I Throw Up Zofran - wp-memo.infoاطلاع رسانی رخدادها که شامل:کنفرانس,همایش,جشنواره,نمایشگاه،کنسرت و رویدادهای اجتماعی if i took a pill and threw up 15 mins later. [Archive [Archive] if i took a pill and threw up 15 mins later if its the Zofran tablets, if you throw up less than 30 min after taking it its fine to take wp-memo.infong.

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Quoting Amy {NAVY WIFE}:" I am able not to take my Zofran that often bc it works me headaches and constipation. i already take [snip!] another, or can i take one multiple now so it starts working and recently prevent me from puking again. (it is the 4mg disolvables)." my doc always took me if i puked it up b4 it taken to what to do if you throw up zofran. I was feeling better this morning and I still take zofran about every other day, so I got out of bed, displaced a zofran and drank a half dose of water. I often started throwing up. I didn't see it temporarily come back up, but I am only a trip today with my Mom and feeling and I characteristically don't want to feel this horrible  anyone else came even with zofran. — The Noticeably.

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